Monday, April 20, 2009

Well Under Way

The National Lentil Festival is 123 short days away. This quickly diminishing number fills me with both fear and excitement. It also means that here at the Lentil Festival office we are deep in preparation mode. Our Lentil Festival Committee has been hard at work planning new, exciting things to do for this year's festival. One of the biggest changes will be a new "I Hate Lentils" Category in the 16th annual National Lentil Festival Legendary Lentil Cook-off.

Every year people from across the country (37 states in 2008) submit their favorite lentil recipes for this cook-off. While we have received many delicious recipes including lentil-stuffed mushrooms, colorful lentil salads, and lentil spice cake and brownies, some people still refuse to try these award-winning recipes for the simple fact that they contain lentils. This new category will offer a special prize to the chef who creates the recipe that has the best aroma, texture, appearance, and taste but has cleverly hidden lentils. Good luck to all our chefs! All recipes are due June 3, more details on our website.

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