Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tasting Tips for the Poster Unveiling

You often see wines described with words like "spicy" or "floral" but this Lentil Lady wanted to know more of what those words really mean.

When you taste your wine, sip slowly. Savor the tingly feeling on your tongue. Inhale as you swallow to get the full effect. Then look for these flavor clues they often list on the back of the label. Descriptors like "vanilla" "butterscotch" "caramel" "smoke" or "nutmeg" indicates the wine has a woodier taste, often acheived by the the type of barrel it is aged in. If newer oak barrels were used in the winemaking process, the wines will often have a hint of vanilla in both the aroma and flavor.

Words like “zesty” “racy” “tangy” suggest a fresher, brighter style, more descriptive of the acidity and fruitiness of the wine.

Take a peek at the alcohol percentage and this will tip you off as to how heavy the wine will feel in your mouth. 10% should feel similar to water, 12-13% can feel like skim milk, 15% or higher will have the body of whole milk.

Stay tuned and we will look into the finer points of brews!

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