Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Old Lady From Pa....

This Lentil Lady had a chance to chat with a lovely little old lady - not from Pasadena but from Pennsylvania this past week. Seems she saw an article in their local paper about our Legendary Lentil Cook Off, and purchased some lentils a few weeks ago. This is the very first time she has ever cooked lentils, but she has been working up some recipes to enter into our contest. Her conversation with me was to try to narrow it down to the required limit of 1 recipe per person. Although I am not at liberty to sway an entrant one way or the other, our short phone visit reminded me that I had never even SEEN a lentil until I moved to Pullman, Washington 22 years ago. And I certainly had never cooked one, but since then I have experimented with many recipes. I have years of National Lentil Festival cookbooks at my disposal, so it's not hard to come up with a winner.
With only a week left to enter our cook-off, this Lentil Lady urges you to send in your recipes quick! After all I need the new recipes from this years cook book for my future endeavors!

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