Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And the winner is......

This Lentil Lady is psyched for the Legendary Lentil Cook-Off Prelim tomorrow! 118 great recipes were narrowed down to 50 by 3 of our local chefs. And thanks go out to our 50 wonderful volunteer cooks, some of whom I saw tonight at Dissmore's IGA, one of our Cook-Off sponsors, as they were picking up last minute ingredients. These top 50 recipes will be presented before 23 select judges for tasting tomorrow. These judges represent all things lentil including, Bill Weed, our official "I Hate Lentils!" judge. And I have to say the small pre-taste that we had today was fabulous! I can speak from experience that these judges will be hard pressed to make a decision tomorrow. May the best cook win!

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